Coffe Shops Vs Coworking Spaces

Coworking could pass off as the amalgamation of the words Coffee and Working. After all, coffee fuels work! Work at Coffee shops or Coffee at Coworking spaces — it really depends upon how much work you want to get done. Here are some of the reasons why working at a coworking place is way better than working out of a coffee shop. Do you want us to prove it? Come visit us at Teamwork and we’ll show you how! Book a tour here or join us at our open house on August 10th!

Washroom Woes

Picture this: You’re sitting at a coffee shop to work for long hours. You have managed to avoid the evil eyes for the longest time. All this while you’ve waded through five sheets of paper, your laptop, phone and a million other knickknacks that you spread out alone on a table for four. Oh, let’s not forget that Latte on your table! And when you’re least expecting it after all that liquid consumption, nature calls — what are you going to do? Wrap up everything to go to the washroom and return to your table to find that it’s not yours anymore!

Compare this with a clean n safe environment where you have a desk, a locker, a surveillance camera – a place to call your own. Someplace where you can quit worrying about your stuff when you take a washroom break. And even this one serves coffee without misspelling your name!

A Professional Place to Meet Clients

Coffee shops can be unpredictable. What if it’s opening late the day you have that important meeting with your potential client? What if it’s too noisy, or too crowded?

Coworking spaces offer you the luxury of a professionally set up space you can call your own. You can opt for different memberships based on your needs, book a meeting room, enjoy the lounge area, network with other like-minded people! No crying babies here and you’re still getting work done fabulously with that cup of coffee in your hands.

Wallet to Waist

If you’re working out of a nice coffee shop, that coffee — it’s not going to be cheap for you. If you’re a bit awkward, you’ll probably end up buying more than two cups for being there for over two hours. Then you’ll probably feel hungry and you can’t bring your food to a coffee shop, can you?

Coffee is mostly on the house at coworking spaces and cookies alongside, too. You can order a snack or bring your own! Way less spent on just while getting more work done.

Wifi that works

Wifi can be tricky in public places. There’s no guarantee that it’s going to work and if it will, at what speeds. You’re competing with video calls and movie streaming which can leave you wanting more bandwidth. It’s also usually unsecured which means that it leaves you vulnerable to hackers.

Teamwork Coworking and shared office space offer awesomely fast and secured internet to all members. You don’t have to worry about basics like the internet and just enjoy our ambiance that comes with a fast and stable internet! And we’ll fix it for you quickly if it breaks.

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